"Local Musician" 
By Michelle Tremblay | Jun 13, 2018 | Review
(Photo by Alan Smith Photography)

For San Diego native John January MacDonald, music has always been a big part of his life. “My family made music important in our home,” recalled John. “Show tunes, jazz and classical music were played on the stereo by my dad all at high volume on the weekends.” As a hobby, John’s father sang barbershop quartet and his mother played the accordion and guitar. But it was John’s brother, Joe, an avid collector of rock, jazz, and soul music, who really served as his inspiration. “(My brother) fed my mind with the greater universe of musical expression,” shared John. “It only was matter of time before Clapton, Hendrix, and Chicago with Terry Kath became favorites of mine.” 



Review of Chemistry 101  ****
by Ian D. Hall | Dec 27, 2018 | Review

The first lesson you should learn at school is not that you have to understand Chemistry, you should only need to know that you feel it, the interaction and the harmony available between the elements, that in science the first law of thermodynamics is arguably the most poignant when it comes to human relationships, that the energy of the Universe is constant; Chemistry 101 is the place where attraction is upbeat, passionate and altogether carrying a groove which holds temptation in its hands. 

Not everybody sees the value in science, some prefer to get their educational kicks writing out song lyrics on the back pages of a wallpaper covered text book, each have their place, each carry the momentum of what might be in the future for that person, it is basic understanding of the formative soul, Chemistry and music, the study of attraction.

By T. E. Mattox | June, 2017 | Review